Meeting Dates

The Just Networking group meets fortnightly online using Zoom.  (In normal times, we meet in person for breakfast the Lyndhurst area.)

Why fortnightly? Well, it's simple - weekly seemed too often but monthly seemed too infrequent. Fortnightly seems just right.

Some of our members are seasoned networkers. However we also aim to attract businesses who might not normally be part of the networking circuit, with our friendly informal style of networking.

Dates of next meetings

Online, we start at 7.30am in order to finish by 9am.  (When we meet in person, times may vary slightly depending on when our venue can accommodate us but we always aim for a 9am finish).

Meeting datePresenterCompanyTopic
3rd August 2022online
17th August 2022online
31st August 2022online
14th September 2022online
28th September 2022in person breakfast - tbc
12th October 2022
26th October 2022
9th November 2022
23rd November 2022
7th December 2022
21st December 2022

Our meetings are friendly but structured. Each person has a two minute slot to introduce themselves and their services and outline the type of clients/customers they are looking for, followed by questions and discussion around the table. We encourage people to exchange business cards so make sure you bring plenty.


At most meetings there is also a speaker who gives a 10 minute informative talk rather than a straight sales pitch. There's also plenty of time before and after the meeting and over breakfast for people to talk informally.

The aim is for local business people to meet each other at a time that will not interfere with the working day and at a price will not break the bank (please note that, while we are meeting online, there is no regular charge for members and any in person events are charged seperately).

Our aim is for the group to have around 20 members, big enough to generate a reasonable flow of referrals but small enough to remain personal. You will have exclusivity in your business area so that there will not be another business similar to yours in the group. In return, we expect members to attend every meeting, within reason - holidays and illness excepted, and you can send somebody else along as a substitute. This can be pretty much anyone you like and they'll be welcome to talk about their own business as well as yours, as long as it doesn't conflict with another member.

To encourage attendance and cut down admin membership subs - when due - are paid by monthly standing order. We welcome pretty much any type of business, but existing members have the power of veto if a business type or an individual's personality seem unsuited to the group.

If you'd like to get more business, meet new people and have a bit of fun, then please come along and take a look. You can find a list of our current members on the Members page, and if you would like to visit us, then please contact us.